test : ok

Did you type in your browser search bar "test" to find out if you actually have connectivity?

Good news for you : you have it! This is an HTML page residing on a server in the web therefore :

welcome to the internet!

Here more details about your connectivity status, such as your IP number, from which location and provider it seems to come from, a connectivity speed test to determine your download/upload speed:

You are not alone in using this type of web search to test out internet connection, in fact as these Google Adwords screenshots data can highlight this search is being performed about 4,000,000 (4 millions) times each month! Mostly from US and "other countries" desktop users :

Number of searches performed on Google with the term 'test' From which devices the searches with the term 'test' are performed Locations from where the searches with the term 'test' are performed

The trend for the search with the term 'test' seems to be slightly decreasing over time, as shown from this live data from Google Trends :